SSRN Support For Faculty

If a faculty member would like to submit a paper to the school's SSRN repository, he or she should contact Wei Fang, Digital Services Librarian, at ext. 3061. Wei Fang can post your manuscript to Law School's SSRN series. You will need to send him the following items via email at

  1. The Title of Your Paper.
  2. An Abstract.
  3. Your contact information and the contact information for any co-authors you may have for the manuscript.
  4. A list of keywords you would like associated with your manuscript.
  5. An electronic copy of the manuscript. MS Word, WordPerfect, or PDF formats are all acceptable. You can also make an abstract-only submission. If you plan to do this, please indicate in your email that you only will be listing the abstract.
  6. Please indicate if the item should be listed as an Accepted or a Working paper. If the item has been previously published, please provide the exact citation of original publication, this information will be listed along with the paper.
  7. Important: Please let us know if you retain copyright on your manuscript. If you do not hold the copyright, please obtain the permission of the copyright holder to reproduce the full-text of the manuscript in SSRN.

Once your paper is processed it will be available within SSRN under the series title Rutgers School of Law Research Papers and listed on the SSRN as a part of our series. The paper will also be assigned a numerical value in the series and can be cited as: Rutgers School of Law-Newark Research Papers No. XXX.