Fee-Based Services for Attorneys

Attorneys Card

Attorneys may purchase a yearly Attorneys Card which allows limited borrowing privileges of circulating material. With the card, attorneys are able to borrow books that are permitted to circulate outside of the library for a limited loan period. Call 973-353-5677 or stop by the Library Circulation Desk for information on obtaining and using an Attorneys Card.

Document Delivery

The Law Library will provide photocopies of documents to law firm libraries, corporate libraries and attorneys on a fee basis. The patron must have an exact citation for the needed materials and agree to pay any copyright royalty fees incurred by the Rutgers Law Library for this copying service. Call 973-353-5676 for information on the fee-based photocopy service.

NOTICE: The document delivery service will be provided at the library's discretion dependent upon library staffing availability. If the library is unable to complete the request within the time and manner requested, the customer will be notified.