Moot Court Research Guide

January 2012

This is a short, non-comprehensive compilation of selected materials about Moot Court that are available online and through the Rutgers-Newark Law Library. For further assistance, please contact a reference librarian.

Internet Resources

Webcasts/Podcasts of Oral Arguments:

Moot Court/Briefs:

Current Awareness:



Resources Available at the Rutgers-Newark School of Law Library in Print or Through our Databases

N.B.: Don’t be concerned if some of the materials appear to be out of date.  The nuts and bolts of moot court and appellate practice are timeless.

Books about the appellate practice, brief    writing and oral argument:

Books about style, usage, and grammar:

Books about the student experience:

Books about persuasive writing and brief writing in general:


Selected Articles:

N.B.:  State bar journals are generally available on Westlaw and HeinOnline in a separate database. 


Video (VHS tapes):


December 2011
Revised and recompiled by Lee Sims, Head of User Services