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last updated Jan. 03, 2012

For an introduction on Blogs and how to read them see the workshop "An Introduction to Blogs as Information Resources" prepared by the Law Libary staff.

Directories of Legal Blogs

General Law Commentary

  • Law Professor Blogs by Paul Caron offers over two dozen legal blogs on a variety of topics
  • Ernie the Attorney / by Ernie Svenson
  • Legal Theory Blog: by Professor Lawrence Solum from the University of San Diego School of Law
  • Reckless Place, NJEsq blog
  • SCOTUSblog: a blog from the law firm of Goldstein & Howe that covers activities in the U.S. Supreme Court & other courts
  • Volokh Conspiracy: a blog authored by a group of law faculty, including Eugene Volokh from the UCLA School of Law

Disability Law

Election Law

Empirical Legal Studies

Environmental Law

Government Information

Intellectual Property

Islamic Law

  • Sharia Index The Role of Shari'a Law in U.S. Courts: Concerns Islamic law in contexts including commercial transactions, inheritance rights, and conflicts of law. Co-founded by Rutgers Law Professor/Attorney Abed Awad.

Judicial Nominations

Labor and Employment Law

Law and Technology

Law Firms; Legal Profession

Law Schools; Legal Education

Pension and Benefits Law

Securities Law

  • The 10b-5 Daily: news and events related to securities class action litigation

Sentencing Law and Policy