Databases for Legislative Research

Below are selected databases useful for conducting research on statutes and their legislative history. Those limited to Rutgers users require a NetID for access outside of campus.

Federal Legislative Databases
Database  Description  Access 
Thomas  Free database from the Library of Congress  Open Access
Congressional Universe  Detailed legislative histories with full-text links for legislation from 1990 to present  Rutgers-only 
Congressional Universe Hearings  Full text of hearings from 1824-1979 Rutgers-only
Readex Serial Set Full-text of Congressional Reports and Documents from 1817-1980 Rutgers-Only 
HeinOnline Main Page with links to all subscribed libraries Rutgers-Only 
HeinOnline - Federal Legislative History Contains compiled legislative history databases and some full-text histories Rutgers-Only
HeinOnline - U.S. Statutes at Large Complete set of U.S. Statutes at Large - searchable Rutgers-Only
HeinOnline - Congressional Record  Complete Congressional Record and predecessor publications  Rutgers-Only
Federal Legislative Sourcebook  Excellent guide from the law librarians in Washington, D.C. Open Access
New Jersey Legislative Databases
New Jersey Legislature Home page has links to bills, laws and legislative statements from 1996 to the present Open Access
NJ State Library Legislative History page Compiled legislative histories with links to documents - selective from 1974-1997 Open Access
New York Legislative Databases
New York State Legislature Links to bills, laws and legislative statements from 1995-2010 Open Access
New York Archives Links to NYS Bill Jackets Open Access
NY Legislative History Guide Step-by-step guide from the NY State Library Open Access