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New Jersey Law

last revised February 22nd, 2013


N.J. Constitution

N.J. Statutes, Bills, & Legislative History

N.J. Case Law & Court Proceedings

Case Reports | Arguments | Dockets &c.




N.J. Court Rules & other Judiciary Material

N.J. Ethics Codes & Ethics Opinions

Attorneys | Judiciary | Executive Branch | Legislative Branch


Judges & Judiciary Employees

Executive Branch

Legislative Branch

N.J. Executive Orders & Circular Letters

N.J. Regulations

N.J. Administrative Decisions

N.J. Attorney General's Guidelines, Directives, & Opinions

N.J. Municipal & County Ordinances

Electronic Ordinance Library (N.J. State League of Municipalities): sample ordinances arranged by topic.

Local Right-to-Farm Ordinances (collected by State Agriculture Development Committee)

Pay-to-Play Ordinances (collected by N.J. Secretary of State).

General Code Publishers (codes of about 270 New Jersey municipalities). Note: General Code also publishes a collection of N.J. municipal codes on CD-ROM, that includes some codes not found on the web; Rutgers-Newark Law School faculty and students can access those codes here.

Coded Systems LLC (codes of about 130 New Jersey municipalities, including Newark) (Note: most require Internet Explorer.)

Municode Library (codes of 15 New Jersey municipalities, including Elizabeth, Jersey City and New Brunswick)

Other municipal codes or ordinance compilations:

County and municipal web sites (N.J.State government web page) and New Jersey Municipal web Sites (City Connections) : check municipality's website if code not listed above or on General Code or Coded Systems sites; if found, please let us know for addition to our list.

Interstate Agencies of which New Jersey is a member

N.J. Legal Newspapers & Blogs

N.J. Law-Related Organizations

N.J. Topical Legal Sites

See our Topical Legal Sites page under these topics:

Other N.J. Legal Sites

Free sites

Fee-based services

Publications for the Layperson on New Jersey Law and Court Procedure