About the Center for Law and Justice Library

The Center for Law and Justice Library, the most comprehensive public law library in New Jersey, provides the students and faculty of the School of Law with access to major full-text legal databases including Westlaw, LexisNexis, HeinOnline, BNA Premier, and the Making of Modern Law. Those databases include not only the current statutes and regulations and complete case law of the federal government and all the states, but also extensive collections of scholarly commentary, practitioners' treatises, historical legal material, and material on foreign law. Students and faculty also have access to the many databases and electronic journals in other disciplines provided by the Rutgers University Libraries. The CLJ Library also maintains extensive printed book collections, including primary sources and finding tools for federal law and the law of selected states, many major law journals, and many legal and law-related monographs. The library serves as a depository library for both New Jersey and federal government documents, and includes the Don M. Gottfredson Library of Criminal Justice, one of the leading collections in the world. As of mid-2011, the collections of the CLJ Library totaled about 790,000 volumes and volume-equivalents, roughly half of which were in hardcopy, with the rest in electronic form and microform.

The primary mission of the library is to serve the educational and research needs of the faculty and students of the School of Law and the School of Criminal Justice. The library also supports the legal research needs of the Rutgers University community. To the extent that it is compatible with its primary and secondary missions, the library will provide service to others.

All tables and study carrels in the library are wired for power and data. The research value of the library is enhanced by the presence of two major computer assisted legal research systems, Lexis Nexis and Westlaw, each of which also provides extensive access to non-legal databases. A training program in automated legal research is available to all first-year law students. There are four computer laboratories on the third floor of the library: a dedicated Lexis Nexis lab, a Westlaw lab, and two general computer labs that provide law students with Internet access. The Weintraub computer lab in Room 387 is also equipped to serve as a state-of-the-art computer teaching facility. A smaller computer lab is located for convenient access on the first floor, next to the reference desk.